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Starting this summer, Al-Farooq Education and Community Centre will be running a Part-time Aalim Course for Boys aged between 14 and 17. This is a 3-year programme taught by Brother Ibraheem Rabbani and will be supervised by Sheikh Sohaib Hussain, a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah. The classes will take place every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 3pm.

This promises to be a unique opportunity for teenagers beginning their journey of seeking knowledge. The course will cover sciences including: Aqida, Fiqh, Hadith and Tafsir. Students will receive Certificates and I’Jazah upon completion of the course.

The programme starts on the 23rd of June 2018 and there is only a limited amount of spaces available. To join the course please complete the following form.

Price – £180.00 for full  year or £90 for 6 months (PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN CASH). 


For further queries please contact the course instructor Ibraheem Rabbani- or call 0141 433 2686