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Revert Support

The aim of our Revert Support Project is to facilitate the transition of a new Muslim into the community. The comprehensive model we use achieves the above by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Educate – The most obvious. New Muslims need to learn the basics of their newly founded religion. 
  2. Support – new Muslims face many problems when they leave their previous religion and require support. 
  3. Integrate – Embracing new Muslims into the community through integration. 

The above sounds nice but how do we actually do it?!

We follow a simple model within our mosque as shown underneath:



New Muslim Course

Weekly Socials

Wudhu and Salah Workshops

Monthly Gatherings

Qur’an Recitation Classes

Special Events


If you are not within the locality, we also provide an online service in association with IslamWise.



Online New Muslim Course

Online Chat

Online Qur’an Recitation Classes

Telephone Helpline

Free Literature

Mobile Buddy