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·       Meet new people

·       Make new friends

·       Understanding the local community and congregation

·       Develop interpersonal skills

·       Confidence and self esteem

·       Become more socially active

·       Helping others

At AFECC we aim to support and develop our volunteers who serve the community so well. This is done in many ways including:

·       Appraisals

·       Personal Development Plans

·       Training

·       Recognition

·       Promotions

We encourage our volunteers to take an active role in the development of the organisation.  This is done through feedback, contributing ideas, and taking greater responsibility within their roles and departments. We have seen many general volunteers grow into Team Leaders and Heads of Departments.

Areas of Service

·       Mothers and Toddlers

·       Women’s Coffee Morning

·       Food bank

·       Dawah

·       Ramadan

·       Advisory Service

·       Fundraising

·       Youth Sport’s Programme

How to become an AFECC volunteer?

Step One: Purify your intentions

Step Two:

·       Fill out a form

·       Email a copy of your CV to

·       Pop into the office to arrange a meeting

Step Three: After arranging a meeting, we’ll conduct an informal interview with you to ascertain your availability, what you have to contribute, suitable positions available, and any questions or queries that you may have

Step Four: Following the informal interview, we will agree which role and department you will be joining.

Step Five: Welcome to AFECC! Let’s get started…